Explanatory Variables

Plots the relationship of socioeconomic factors and selected recovery metric.


Downtown: divides the sum of downtown area’s device counts of the week by the corresponding week in 2019

City: divides the sum of the entire city’s device counts of the week by the corresponding week in 2019.

Relative: A ratio of the previous two metrics; this is a measures by how much more or less the device counts in a downtown area changed relative to how much it changed in the entire city.


To select a recovery metric, use the dropdown tool.

To select an independent variable, use the dropdown tool.

To view another comparison season, use the dropdown tool.

Navigating the plot:

After making your selections, you can further customize the output by directly interacting with the plot. To omit cities by region, click once on their legend titles- click again to bring them back. You may zoom in to the plot by clicking and dragging to create a new viewport. This can be helpful for the more 'crowded' variable combinations. To return the plot to its original scale, double click anywhere on the plot.

Select recovery metric:
Select independent variable:
Select comparison period:
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