Recovery Patterns

This chart displays a rolling weekly average of the selected metric. The normalized visits by total visits for a given week during the pandemic is divided by the normalized visits by total visits for the corresponding week pre-pandemic. Weeks are considered to correspond with one another if their ISO week number matches.

Metric Definitions

Downtown: divides the sum of downtown area’s device counts of the week by the corresponding week in 2019

City: divides the sum of the entire city’s device counts of the week by the corresponding week in 2019.

Relative: A ratio of the previous two metrics; this is a measures by how much more or less the device counts in a downtown area changed relative to how much it changed in the entire city.


To select a recovery metric, use the dropdown tool.

To select multiple consecutive cities, you may click and drag within the selection window or shift+click after having selected a single city. To select multiple non-consecutive cities, you may use ctrl+click. Cities are grouped and colored by region, but each individual city's recovery metric will display in descending order when hovering over each week.

Navigating the plot:

After making your city selection, you can further customize the output by directly interacting with the plot. You may omit cities by clicking once on their legend item. You may select all cities by double-clicking. The quickest way to return to a smaller selection is to use the selection window. You may zoom in to the plot by clicking and dragging to create the time period you wish to view. To return the plot to its original tiem period, double click anywhere on the plot.

Select recovery metric:
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