Recovery Rankings

Displays a ranked bar chart wth city names and metrics superimposed on the bars.

The bars are filled according to which region they belong to (Canada, US Midwest, US Northeast, US Pacific, US Southeast, US Southwest).

The hover text is as follows:

City name : Recovery value

A recovery value greater than 100% means that for the selected inputs, the mobile device activity improved from the comparison period. A value less than 100% means the opposite, and a value equal to 100% means the activity did not change.

Recovery metrics:

Downtown: divides the sum of downtown area's device counts of the week by the corresponding week in 2019

City: divides the sum of the entire city's device counts of the week by the corresponding week in 2019.

Relative: A ratio of the previous two metrics; this is a measures by how much more or less the device counts in a downtown area changed relative to how much it changed in the entire city.


To select a recovery metric, use the dropdown tool.

To view another comparison season, use the dropdown tool.

Navigating the plot:

After making your selections, you can further customize the output by directly interacting with the plot. To omit cities by region, click once on their legend titles- click again to bring them back. You may zoom in to the plot by clicking and dragging to create a new viewport. To return the plot to its original scale, double click anywhere on the plot.

Select recovery metric:
Select comparison period: