Recovery Rankings

This a supplement to the rankings chart, but with additional data bars for a few major European cities.

These European-inclusive charts are available from Dec 2021 to Nov 2022. We have not yet queried data for any other dates for Europe. For earlier data for North America, check out the more detailed chart found here.

The bars are coloured according to which region they belong to (Canada, United States, and Europe).

The metric is calculating by dividing the sum of downtown area's device counts of the period by the corresponding period in 2019


To select a recovery metric, use the dropdown tool.

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Navigating the plot:

After making your selections, you can further customize the output by directly interacting with the plot. To omit cities by region, click once on their legend titles- click again to bring them back. You may zoom in to the plot by clicking and dragging to create a new viewport. To return the plot to its original scale, double click anywhere on the plot.

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