Karen Chapple, Ph.D., is the Director of the School of Cities/Professor of Geography & Planning at the University of Toronto and Professor Emerita of City & Regional Planning at UC Berkeley.

For questions or enquiries, please contact karen.chapple@utoronto.ca

Jeff Allen is the Lead of Data Visualization at the School of Cities. He has a PhD in Geography from the University of Toronto.

Amir Forouhar is a Post-Doctoral Fellow of the School of Cities at the University of Toronto. Amir obtained his PhD in urban planning at the Art University of Isfahan, focused on the relationship between Urban Transportation and Neighborhood Change. His research interests are Public Transportation, Transit-oriented Development, Rail Transit System, Neighborhood Change, and Urban Displacement

Hannah Moore completed a B.A. in Data Science at UC Berkeley and is currently a research data analyst with IGS.

Michael Leong completed his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering at UC Berkeley and will be pursuing a Masters of Science in Transportation at MIT. He has been a lifelong enthusiast in his research interests on the intersection of data science, urban development and mobility patterns, and the future of cities.

Daniel Huang is a data scientist studying Development Engineering at UC Berkeley. His research interests revolve applying machine learning and econometrics techniques to explore urban development and sustainability problems.

Laura Schmahmann is a Ph.D. student in the Department of City & Regional Planning, UC Berkeley.

Joy Wang received her dual degree from UC Berkeley. She is passionate about research in the mobility and healthy city space.